Monday 27 April 2009

'A half-baked idea'

Well done BASC! They've told Leicestershire police to go back to the drawing board with their ludicrous plan for shooters to 'voluntarily' call in every time they're going shooting.

The police are suggesting that the scheme will reduce the number of false alarms when armed police response units have to check ‘sightings’ of people with guns.

BASC's John Swift said: “This is a half-baked idea that must be given much greater consideration."

I'd go further. This is a plain stupid idea which should be given no further consideration. It would set a dangerous precedent, encouraging police to believe that we are shooting by their leave. It would also encourage them to turn out the full terrorist response to any shooter with the temerity to pot a rabbit without asking their permission notifying them first.

Do the cops actually have the first idea just how many people go out shooting, often unplanned and on the spur of the moment, every day (miraculously not causing murder, mayhem and terrorist incidents while they're at it)? Do they seriously want everyone to call in at 9am each day to say "I might spot a rabbit eating my cabbages at some point during the day, in which case I shall be sneaking out the back door with my air rifle, so don't send the helicopter after me"?

Shooting is a normal, legal, everyday activity in the countryside, carried out by responsible, law-abiding people. I don't see why I should have to call the plod and ask permission, any more than I should ask them if it's ok to drive my car down the road (cars are used by organised criminals and terrorists you know), dig a hole in the ground (could be burying a murder victim), make a phone call... you get the picture.

Innocent until proved guilty - remember?

In any case, it seems that calling the Leicestershire plod and warning them about your plans is pointless anyway. Val Worthington phoned to tell them about her cowboy-themed party in Castle Donington in February - and still got raided by a helicopter and four police cars! Story here... A 'police spokesman' trotted out the tired old line: "We have a duty to treat all reports of firearms as genuine." Indeed you do, and you have a duty to maintain a sense of proportion, and not wet your pants every time you hear the word 'gun'.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Couldn't agree more. We've lost far to many of the liberties our parents generation took for granted. All in the name of 'security' Whose exactly has never been adequately explained?

PS good to see you posting again.

vicky said...

Half baked? Not even properly mixed! I fear a police swoop every time I got out dog training with a starting pistol or dummy launcher- despite being on private land with permission. I try not to be seen brandishing my terrifying dog training equipment but it is hard to find locations where no nosey parker can spot you. Surely the police phone people could vet reports of firearms?
"What are the men with guns doing?"
"Just standing about in a line in a field."
"They'll be shooting pheasants then, not raiding a sub-post office. Thank you for calling."

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

"They'll be shooting pheasants then, not raiding a sub-post office. Thank you for calling."

Now there's coffee on my keyboard

vicky said...

Oh my, it is a good job my rural postie is a sensible terrifying, ancient,black starting pistol called a halt to my deliberations about whether to buy a new one or spray paint it by falling irreperably apart on Friday morning. So....I ordered a new one in black and day-glo orange. It came today while I was out and I found it waiting in the dog kennel where my nice postie leaves them there for me. I picked it up and was shocked when the orange pistol muzzle peaked through a hole in the corner of the jiffy bag after escaping from its box! Just think of the mayhem it could have caused in a more sensitive posties paws!!!!!!
Sorry about the keyboard.