Tuesday 7 April 2009

Filming in the dark!

I was out well before dawn with Terry Doe today, filming for our next airgun DVD. Filming in the dark requires some special gear - this was shot with an infra-red floodlight, and the night vision attachment on the camera. Curiously, Terry's jacket has come out as a plain, light colour, although in fact it's camouflaged like his trousers, as you can see in the photo below. Funny how different wavelengths of light make things look very different. Worth remembering before you throw all your hunting gear in the wash with 'whiter than white' detergent full of optical brighteners!

Dawn is always my favourite time to be out. As the sun rose, a few rabbits came out to feed, and I managed to capture a couple of kills on video. We saw a host of wildlife, including a fox, buzzards, rooks and jackdaws, and dozens of small birds from blue tits to chaffinches. A good outing, and plenty of good footage in the can. Can't ask for more than that.

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smig4373 said...

hiya james....tis early to be see'ing cubs,let alone cubs that small out of the earth...in response to the question in this months sporting shooter,i saw a lonely swallow here in cornwall while walking freshly plugged cabbage fields last thursday.(3rd april)thats the earliest ive ever seen them down here....interested to know if there any where else...