Saturday 27 October 2007

Meet the ferrets

I realised I hadn't introduced my ferrets on this blog yet, and with the ferreting season approaching I thought it was long overdue - so here they are. An entire hob and two jills, they have a large run and two hutches at the end of the garden. I feed them on James Wellbeloved complete ferret food, which saves all the bother of feeding raw meat (like the ferrets hiding rotting chunks of meat in their bed, for instance).

I have a selection of purse nets (about half of them bought, and the other half made myself) and a 50-yard long-net, and I use a Deben Ferret Finder 3 (best invention ever). Sometimes, such as when there's just too much undergrowth, I'll shoot the rabbits rather than net them.

I should be out ferreting a few times from November onwards, so I'll add a few posts to let you know how I get on.

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