Saturday 27 October 2007

Dubarry Wexford boots

As someone brought up in rubber wellies or leather walking boots, I was always a little wary of people who wore leather wellies. It just didn't seem natural.

Then a year or so ago I got a call from a very nice person at Dubarry who insisted, in the nicest possible way, that I tried their Wexford boots.

Well, it seemed rude to refuse, but I was sure I'd hate them and go back to rubber wellies as soon as I'd given the Wexfords a token try-out.

I was wrong! These really are the most comfortable wellies I've ever used. They insulate your feet much better than rubber, so you don't get frozen toes waiting for the drive to start. They breathe well, too, so your feet don't get sweaty. And they are even comfortable enough to walk in. I won't be using them for hill stalking - they don't fit tight enough round your ankles to give the support of a walking boot - but they're fine for a day's beating.

Plus they have a Gore-Tex lining, so they really are totally waterproof - earlier this year I stood in a Scottish loch, with the water lapping round the upper leather band, for two hours, and not a drop came through.

So I don't care if my so-called friends make jokes about musketeers or village people. I'm throwing away my rubber wellies and wearing these in future. I'll have the last laugh when their toes freeze!

Other points: the zips look nice but I've found I never bother - the boots slip on and off easily without undoing them. And the soles have a really good pattern, similar to a Vibram sole, which gives excellent grip on rock and grass.

Tempted? See them here but be warned - they cost £275!

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