Friday 24 August 2007

'Natural Shooting' with Mike Yardley

Today we've been at Braintree Shooting Ground in Essex, getting the photos for the next few articles in Mike Yardley's brilliant new 'Natural Shooting' series in the magazine. It's always fun spending a day on the clay ground with Mike - we work well together and we've become quite efficient at getting the photos we need in the bag.

Rach was there helping out, and my daughter Emma (pictured above with Mike) came along too. After a frustrating time in the pigeon hide on Sunday, she was hoping to pick up some tips!

Above is a brief video clip showing Mike putting his advice into action. We shot a few more clips where Mike explains some of the fundamentals of the Natural Shooting system. Once they're edited, we'll be putting them on the website.

Meanwhile, here's a shot I was particularly pleased to get - not just because it shows the clay at the moment of breaking but if you look closely you can see the shot pattern passing through the spot where the clay was struck.

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