Thursday 16 August 2007

Company clay day

What a great day! A group of 12 of us went clay shooting at West London Shooting School. Most of the group above work on some aspect of Sporting Shooter, at least part of the time - but most of them had little or no experience of shooting.

Not any more! Under the expert guidance of WLSS's instructors, even the total beginners were soon hitting clays - and now they're hooked. Trouble is, they'll be nagging the MD to let them do it again soon.

Rach and I took literally hundreds of photos, shot a bit of video and recorded a few interviews, so we'll be covering the day in the magazine, on the website and in the podcast over the next few weeks. Here's Hayley shooting her very first clay pigeon:

WLSS run a lot of these sort of days, and they do them very well. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and soon put everyone at their ease, even when their friends have been scaring them silly with stories about how the recoil will break their arms. The ground laid on a good lunch, and the instructors have an uncanny ability to melt into the background at just the right moment and let the group gel.

I suppose I'm biased, but I reckon more companies should run days like these for their staff. I know it sounds trite, but it really does foster a great team spirit, and make everyone feel that bit more valued and special. I'm sure the cost of the day must be repaid many times over in productivity.

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