Thursday 16 August 2007

Chips Hardy

Today I interviewed Chips Hardy, author of 'Each Day a Small Victory'. He came to the West London Shooting School, where we were doing a company clay day - and I led him a merry dance trying to find somewhere quiet enough to record an interview. We ended up doing the interview in my car, which seemed to be the only place where there weren't dogs barking, helicopters flying over, or people chatting loudly!

It was fascinating to hear about his research for the book, and he told me about a curious incident that happened while he was writing it. It had been a while since he had done any work on the book, and one day he was driving along when a stoat ran into the road in front of him, stood up on its hind legs and chattered at him. Then it ran to the stone wall at the side of the road, and ran alongside the car, still chattering. Bearing in mind the central character of the book is a stoat, he took this as a sign that he should get on and finish writing it!

I'll include my interview with Chips in the next podcast - watch this space!

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