Wednesday 11 August 2010

'Grim footage' shows antis clutching at straws

Animal rights nutters the League Against Cruel Sports are hoping to grab the 12th August headlines with another of their hysterical videos - this one claiming to show the "suffering" of game birds on commercial shoots.

Their press release, embargoed for midnight tonight, claims: "Grim footage, possibly the first of its kind to be released, shows game birds frantically flapping and struggling after being wounded by inaccurate shooters. This completely contradicts claims by the industry that most birds are killed outright and if not are immediately retrieved by gun dogs and dispatched. Our film shows a number of birds flailing wildly in obvious pain while shooters carry on, ignoring the suffering they have caused."

Not having seen the "grim footage", it's hard to comment, but the LACS appear unfamiliar with the concept of a clinically dead bird flapping and twitching. Still, they've never been the sort to let the facts get in the way of a good emotional rant.

Their chief freeloader exec, Douglas Batchelor, says "the pro shooting lobby will have a hard time defending their sport now."

Perhaps he'd like to try defending his meat-eating. A glance at his considerable bulk will reveal that he's not exactly starving to death. He eats for enjoyment, not survival. And that eating involves animals and birds "suffering" by his own definition (I bet some of them even flap a bit). And dying. Unnecessarily. Which makes him a screaming hypocrite. Or am I missing something?

UPDATE: ...and here's their video, which dismally fails to live up to the ludicrous claims they make for it. Birds are seen twitching their last on the ground, and quickly being gathered by well trained gundogs, while a tragic voice-over drones about 'suffering'. A hen pheasant which the commentary claims is wounded and has fallen onto a public road, transforms magically into a cock bird and is then collected by a labrador. And they're releasing this to coincide with the 12 August start of the grouse season. Do they even know what a grouse looks like?


Meconopsis said...

And the purpose of the film was ??

All they have to do is put a link to the shooting programs on the internet to show people all about countrysports. If you get an address for them I will post them one of our's.

Would I be correct in thinking the LACS might not have much money left judging by the low quality of the above film ?

VICKY said...

Do they not know hat chicken run about with their heads cut off?