Monday 25 January 2010

Professional bed testers at work

IMG_2848, originally uploaded by james.marchington.

An advertiser sent in an 'indestructible' dog bed for testing today, so I've set my professional testers to work. Comfort rating: ****. Washability: *****. Indestructibility: reserving judgment on that one. Bracken has reduced the previous (cordura) one to ribbons.

It's amazing how fast Bracken is growing. At her last weigh-in at the vet's she was a whisker away from 11.5 kg.

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David Kinsella said...

A pair of beautiful dogs there James, I have finally convinced my wife that she really needs that springer spaniel she has always longed for. She thinks it is going to be her loving pet but I have other plans for the pup. Just hope my terrier doesn't get to jealous of the new arrival, I think they could make great team.