Sunday 22 June 2008

Ferrets settling in

When i picked up the ferrets yesterday, Dan explained that they are still young enough that they're not biting. Within a week or two, he said, they would get a bit more inquisitive and start to nip at fingers etc - so it's important to keep handling them regularly and when they nip, let them know that's not the way to behave.

Within minutes of getting them home, daughter Vicky and her boyfriend Alex were giving the ferrets all the handling they could want - Vicky even offered one her cracker. The ferret didn't want the biscuit, but it did like licking off the butter!

A few more photos on my flickr photostream »


Holly Heyser said...

They are ADORABLE!!!

Meconopsis said...

Just told Celia we are getting ferrets. Tonight me and dogs sleeping in Landrover :-(