Friday 6 June 2008

End of the road for Charlie's landy

Ouch! This old Series 3 Land Rover belonged to Sporting Shooter contributor Charlie Jacoby and a couple of friends. They kept it at Inverness near the airport - a brilliant scheme that allowed them to nip up on the plane and head off for a weekend's fishing, shooting, etc, and then be back for work on Monday morning. Here's a picture of it parked beside the lodge at Gaick, while Charlie was off stalking.

Sadly the landy broke down the other day and, while the driver waited for the AA to arrive, the red car pictured below slammed into the back of it - pushing it along the road until the wing caught in the crash barrier, causing terminal damage to both vehicles.

Fortunately no-one was seriously hurt, and Charlie's keeping his fingers crossed that the insurance will cough up enough to replace the landy.

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