Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Jeremy Clarkson shotgun weeding

We're already getting complaints about Jeremy Clarkson fooling about with a shotgun on Top Gear's 'Ground Force' spoof for Sport Relief.

Looking at the video, Clarkson's gun handling looks safe enough - but a lot of readers feel his laddish attitude sends the wrong message about guns and shooting.

On the plus side, there's something to be said for a high profile, popular character like Clarkson being seen to have fun shooting, with no hint of the usual negative associations.

Good or bad - what do you think? Here's a clip, more here »


Anonymous said...

i think it is just done for show - I love Clarkson but not like this!

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Which should we fear more; Clarkson with a gun or Marchington with a pun?
Sorry. maybe its me.........

Roy Peacock said...

To an experienced shot it is clear that Jeremy Clarkson knows what he is doing and endangers nobody. Unfortunately the vast majority of viewers see an idiot fooling around with a shotgun. If he were to behave in this way at any shooting ground that I've been to he would be banned. A youngster watching such seemingly reckless behaviour could easily be influenced to try similar stunts. I feel this sort of thing is excellent fuel for the antis, and reflects badly on the shooting community as a whole.