Saturday, 16 February 2008

Mitsubishi Outlander test

Heading to Fife for some end of season fowling, testing a Mitsubishi Outlander on the way...

Stuck in a jam on the M58, still, the sound system is good!

...and the satnav is helpful, showing traffic problems ahead, and suggesting ways around them.

Filling up on the M6, the Outlander's tank took fifty quid to fill from 1/4 full. We're getting 40.3mpg on the motorway - impressive for a vehicle of this size.

Made it to Cellardyke - lovely weather, and the Outlander is proving ideal: swift and relaxing on the motorway, agile enough through the streets of Edinburgh and the even narrower streets of Cellardyke. I'm getting the hang of the satnav now, too, and have even worked out how to tap in a postcode.

A frosty start the next morning, but the Outlander fired up first time, and the powerful heater soon had the windows cleared.

The Outlander made a good shooting platform for some feral pigeon control.

Plenty of room in the back for dog and pigeon shooting gear. That's not my dog, by the way - it's Andy Richardson's lab Yazz. And we didn't actually shoot any woodies; the day was too foggy and the birds weren't moving about. But in the interests of investigative journalism we filled the boot with pigeon gear and drove the Outlander across a muddy field, just to see how it might have performed... and it was great. Plus when you've finished shooting and have to take the kids to school next day, there's a pair of fold-down seats in the boot to give a seating capacity of 7 including the driver.

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Meconopsis said...

Nice Car I was looking forward to towing it out of some mud but the weather up here was to good !!!!