Thursday 21 February 2008

Airguns at a crow roost

IMG_7022, originally uploaded by james.marchington.

Went shooting crows, rooks and jackdaws at a crow roost in Fife with Andy Richardson, using airguns (BSA 10-shot pre-charged pneumatics) as the birds came in to the roost in their thousands.

The noise was incredible, and the shooting fast and furious - we had nine picked up before it became too dark to see to shoot.


Holly Heyser said...

That first photo is absolutely gorgeous!

James Marchington said...

Thanks - I was specially pleased with that one! It really did look like that, it was the most beautiful evening. I was also really pleased with this one of Dick Shelton too.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse on the last day, and all I managed was some photos of pigeons in the fog!

Anonymous said...

Nine crows was pretty goo for an airrifle but could you not have got much more with a shotgun??

I shot 28 crows with 25 cartridges once with a twenty bore, I spotted three lovely sitters and got the three of them with one shot!!!!

James Marchington said...

Hi Scott, yes we would most likely have shot more that night, but Andy's a professional pest controller and has to keep at the crows all year round. Using shotguns would drive them off to another roost, which might or might not be so accessible to him, so it's best for him just to keep up a war of attrition like this. James