Monday 14 January 2008

Goose shooting video

I've been working on the video shot during our goose shooting visit to Aberdeenshire just before Christmas. Here's a taster...


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

the Hunter gardener angler cook has asked why we're netting rabbits when you and your daughters shot them?
PS net making had to be suspended on Sunday due to my daughter.

James Marchington said...

Hi Sten,
Netting is actually more efficient, and you end up with nice unspoiled carcases for eating, without pellet damage. Plus it's not a good choice for a shooting beginner - tricky snap-shots, with too much opportunity for unsafe gun-handling.
I thought netting would give you the opportunity to try out a useful bushcrafty skill (nets can be made from natural cordage, and have so many uses), and be more involved in the catching process - I wouldn't be able to let you shoot on this occasion, for safety reasons, and simply spectating would be a bit dull!