Thursday 17 January 2008

How much more will your shooting cost this year?

This is the time of year when importers and distributors issue their new price lists - and the news doesn't look good for shooters.

Talking to some of our trade contacts, it seems that last year's price lists were compiled at an exchange rate of around €1.45 to £1. That's now nearer to €1.31 to £1, and factoring in the retailer's margin that means increases of around 10% on guns, ammo and accessories imported from the continent - as so much of our gear is.

And apparently we shouldn't get too excited about the fall in the price of lead. The general view is that cartridges were "too cheap" before the latest rises - manufacturers weren't making a realistic margin. Expect some small price reductions, but it looks unlikely that ammo will fall to what it cost before.

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