Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Stuff that works 2

Have you ever tried to fix a welly or a game-bag with glue? It just never seems to work - the stuff doesn't stick, or it cracks after a couple of days. I used to swear by Araldite, paracord and gaffer tape. In fact, take away those three items and most of my kit would fall apart. The car too, I shouldn't wonder!

Well now there's another item on the list, this stuff - Repair Extreme glue from UniBond. Quite simply, it does everything I always wished glue could do. It sticks like you wouldn't believe, to just about anything. And it sets flexible, clear, waterproof and heat-resistant.

So far I've reattached the sole of a shoe, fixed a broken bag strap and mended a pair of waterproof trousers with a split seam. And they've all held, showing no signs of coming unstuck after use.

Give it a try - I got this tube for a fiver at Rymans, but it's probably available just about anywhere that sells glue.

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