Thursday, 13 September 2007

Chalkstream trout

Spent a lovely day fishing on the River Anton, just up from the famous Mayfly. Glorious sunshine, clear water, a warm breeze - and I caught a brace of brown trout. Perfect!

It was my first experience of chalkstream fishing and I think I could very easily get addicted. It's so exciting being able to see the fish, stalking them like you would a rabbit or a deer - much better than flogging a stillwater with no idea what's going on under the surface.

One of the brownies took the fly just before it hit the water, leaping a good foot from the surface to catch it in mid-air.

It made a nice relaxing break after the rush of the last couple of weeks of getting the November issue away to the printers. Tomorrow I'm off to Shropshire for the Midland Game Fair. I don't know whether I can get an internet connection at the show itself, but either way I'll post some highlights from the fair here as soon as I can.

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