Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Ginger rabbits

The garden of the house in Skye is surrounded by an old stone wall that's riddled with rabbit holes. In recent years we've seen the occasional odd-coloured one - ginger, black and once even a snow white one. The blacks and whites seem to have gone, but the ginger ones are taking over - there are now more ginger rabbits than normal coloured ones in the colony. So far as I can tell, they are producing ginger and brown rabbits in the same litter. This photo shows two youngsters - one ginger, one brown - that seem to be identical in age and are living in the same burrow.

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Brother Tobias said...

There was always the odd black one in that particular Skye garden, but the gingers have been common for at least 40 years. They did cause damage, but my Highland grandfather argued that every garden should have rabbits (he was a man of convictions; he also refused to have barbed wire anywhere on his Argyll estate).