Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Fishing & tadpoles

While in Scotland, I was able to spend some time fishing with the family - here's daughter Emma (no mean shooter herself), being towed by my parents, in the shadow of the Storr Rock near Portree. The weather was far too good for fishing - blazing sunshine - and we caught nothing. But a lovely day spent in glorious scenery nevertheless.

Another time we sneaked off for a couple of hours on a small loch at the south end of the island. Again it was too bright and the fish just weren't feeding. But I did find myself surrounded by tadpoles as I fished.

I took these with a new camera, a Pentax Optio W20. This claims to be fully waterproof (I haven't dared test it fully yet!) and was recommended to me by a sea kayaker who ought to know! So far I'm impressed with the results, and because it's small and robust I find I take it places where I wouldn't take the big SLR.

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