Saturday 18 June 2011

Ferret birthcam - a web first!

Eat your heart out, Springwatch. In a groundbreaking web first we bring you... FERRET BIRTH CAM! A totally Kate Humble free zone, guaranteed.

Here, live on the web, watch this jill give birth. Maybe. In a couple of weeks' time. We hope.

She was mated (we think) on Saturday 21 May by Emma's albino rescue hob. So by normal calculations that should make the kits due on 2 July.

Click on the image above to watch the live stream (hopefully, if I've set it up right. If it's not working, drop me a line and I'll try to sort it out).


NIGEL ALLEN's Official Airgun Blog said...

How often does the cam-picture update. On the BlackBerry, it appears to be static. Though that could simply be because it's a BlackBerry!

James Marchington said...

The picture at the top of this post should update every 60 seconds - but you'll need to hit 'refresh' to see each new one.

If you click on the picture, that should open a new window with the live stream - although last time I looked the bed was empty as she was wandering round the run!

James Marchington said...

Not sure how it works on a blackberry though!

NIGEL ALLEN's Official Airgun Blog said...

I think 'works' and 'on a BlackBerry' don't go together, actually! It's fine on the PC... but doesn't seem to work as a live stream over my mobile device. Interesting, though - what you're actually doing... not the second-by-second show! (Not yet, at least - can't wait 'til it all kicks off in the birthing suite... :) )