Tuesday 8 December 2009

Young shot on the telly

The BBC's Inside Out South East programme has produced an excellent piece on young people and shotguns, featuring the West Kent Shooting School, and presented by a young shooter, 12-year-old Victoria. It's available on the BBC iPlayer until Monday 14 Dec - grab a look while you can.

UPDATE: There's a 'debate' piece on the BBC  Kent website about this, with BASC's Jenni Thompson making the case for youngsters being encouraged to learn shooting responsibly, and the League Against Cruel Sports' Douglas Batchelor frothing at the mouth (and showing a complete lack of knowledge of the law on young people and guns - or is he deliberately trying to frighten people?).


Holly Heyser said...

Bummer - that video is available only in the UK. Wish I could see it - I'd love to see what Victoria has to say!

James Marchington said...

That's a real shame - must be a copyright issue or something. She is very self assured and presents herself well in front of the camera, putting a good case for young people learning to shoot with the right supervision and training. Apart from the presenter introducing the piece with an attitude of 'oh my god, children have guns!', it puts shooting across in a very good light.