Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fishing with Emma

Oops! We were on the Anton near Stockbridge and had been fishing for all of 10 minutes when I heard a heard a bit of a squeal from upstream. Emma had stepped off a fishing platform into the mud and reeds, and gone in to her waist! Luckily we had some spare clothing and wellies, but the fish were in a sulk all day and weren't the slightest bit interested in our flies.

Eventually we gave up and drove into Stockbridge to visit the excellent Robinson's butchers - where I was served by James Quinn who featured on the cover of our January 2004 issue! Amazingly, he told me that you can't buy Sporting Shooter in Stockbridge - there's only one newsagent, and they have some misguided 'ethical' policy about not stocking 'gun magazines'.

We didn't leave empty handed - no fish, but a big bag of Robinson's delicious pork sausages!

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The Amateur Naturalist said...

Ah, love it down there James. Caught my first trout on the fly on a nice little lake down near Stockbridge. And that Orvis store is amazing!