Thursday 19 February 2009

Snaring pantomime is bad news for animals

This should be hilarious: a bunch of wailing antis pretending to be caught in snares, accompanied by "haunting animal sounds." Apparently this will show the "terrible reality" of snares. Er, no, it will show these people up as a bunch of ill-informed whingers who could and should be spending their time doing something positive for animal welfare.

LACS, Advocates for Animals and Animal Aid are still pushing their lies about snares, and irresponsibly campaigning for a ban on a form of pest control that can be highly targeted and humane - even though they know the result will be, like the hunting ban, a backward step for animal welfare.

And they're still referring to their discredited "poll" to suggest that there is "overwhelming support" for their campaign.

Misguided or disingenuous? You decide.

UPDATE: Report of the nonsense here. "Louise Robertson, campaign manager for the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “Snares are indiscriminate killers, any animal can get caught in these." That'll be the same Louise Robertson who was visibly bewildered on Kill It Cook It Eat It - campaigning against something she clearly fails to understand. And by her "indiscriminate killers" argument, those sea eagles have got to go!

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