Thursday 12 July 2007

Clays and offroading at West London

Today was one of those rare treats when I get to escape the office and have fun - and call it working!

Myself and a bunch of other sporting journalists went to the excellent West London Shooting School at Northolt, to try out the new Kubota RTV900. Kubota had also laid on a few clays for us, so we were split into four groups to tackle the high tower, grouse, a fiendish pigeon stand, and a cross-country course in the Kubota.

Well, I didn't win the clays (no surprise to those who've seen me shoot) - that honour went to Wes Stanton with a superhuman 24 ex 25. But at least I didn't shoot like a total muppet either, and managed a respectable 18 on the grouse.

I'm always a bit cynical about these press do's, but I have to admit that the Kubota really is an impressive vehicle. It tackled some alarmingly steep slopes with ease, even in two-wheel-drive. It's comfortable and easy to drive, economical on diesel, and would carry a few feed hoppers or dead stags with ease. It felt rugged too, but on that only time can tell.

If you're a keeper or stalker looking for a new estate vehicle, it's certainly worth a look. Here's a pic of me sitting on one and grinning like a cheshire cat!

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