Thursday, 7 October 2010

Grouse shooter likes hen harriers shock horror!

Of course it will be dismissed as lies, conspiracy and goodness knows what else by the raptor nutters, but gallowayfarm - a blog I always enjoy - has a post about the hen harriers sharing his patch. He's happy to let them take a grouse or three; not so accommodating with the crows and foxes.


Sooty said...

Thank goodness for that James well done but science is bound to say this is impossible lets see what a couple of your contributers who know that there are scientific studies such as ? and ? plus ? which prove this is impossible and of course lots of raptor lovers will not believe you,sad isn't it.

vicky said...

How will he limit his harriers to their bag allowance?! I jest, but again you find us a story illustrating that shooters can lover their quarry and respect predators.