Thursday, 28 October 2010

Biodiversity and terrorism

Delingpole puts it so well: Biodiversity, "a noble-seeming concept has been subverted by the watermelons of the green movement in exactly the same way as “Climate change” has and with precisely the same aims: to extend the powers of government; to raise taxes; to weaken the capitalist system; to curtail personal freedom; to redistribute income; to bring ever-closer the advent of an eco-fascist New World Order."

Precisely. Just as we hear shouts of "terrorism" and "paedophiles" each time there's a new attack on personal freedom, so "biodiversity" is invoked by those who really mean "we're taking over your land". Folks like the RSPB start by saying wildlife belongs to "the nation", and five minutes later are claiming it for themselves - they're the experts after all? - and demanding wider and wider powers from government to help them do it. Wake up people, there's a revolution going on!

Update: Taking the argument to its logical conclusion, the League Against Cruel Sports are now arguing that shooters are getting a "free lunch" out of the nation's wildlife, and should be stopped.


alan tilmouth said...

Delingpole is full of bullshit and you know it - "to extend government and weaken the capitalist system" erm
can't have it both ways unless we're all commies but we can't be commies as we're now 'eco-facists' whoever they are. Obviously I realise that's a term coined for people like me who would quite like that the environment and those things that live in it got a little bit more respect and weren't viewed simply as things to profit from.
Delingpole (as I've said before) refuses to engage in debate as he knows that teh only reason he writes this crap is to appear controversial and clever, it's all one huge ego trip for him, don't become a sycophant to the likes of that James.

James Marchington said...

Yup Alan, he was talking about you!

Meconopsis said...

Delingpole is a friend of mine he is actualy quite well informed.

vicky said...

The Leauge clutch at straws. If 'we' all stepped away from the countryside it would be a sorry place. Why keep wet woodland, rough hedgerow etc if not for shooting? There would be no sed rich cover crops. Deer populations would swell, then crash as disease hit them (see the Leagues own reserve for a nasty example of disease in an unmanaged herd). Farmers would lose a strand of income which encourages biodiversity with no input from the government and would need either increased eco payments or o turn their land to work in another way; growing crops or conventional livestock.
I don't think anyone can argue we shouldn't look after the environment, but I have to feel sceptical that the governments of the world are doing it for he right reasons; it all seems to be about tax to me. We can't halt global warming whether natural or man made and the governments effors to stop it are laughable. More money should be spent on coping with the inevitable problems such as flooding and drought that on windfarms of dubious merit.
And Alan, in the world I live in there is the greatest respect for the environment, and what lives in it despite the fact we harvest some of it for food (not for financial gain on this mornings shoot I can assure you! The bag will just about provide us all with a supper).