Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Hoovering up wildlife

Fulmars, gannets, puffin, short-eared owl, raven, mountain hare, red deer, lambs... just some of the birds and animals hoovered up by sea eagles since they were reintroduced to Scotland, according to a report funded by Scottish Natural Heritage. Story in The Scotsman here »

If you released an equally devastating mammal (mink, for example) in Britain, you'd be a criminal. But somehow a bird is ok. How does that work? And now they want to release them in East Anglia.

"It's just part of the balance of nature," said an RSPB spokesman. Not when you go recklessly releasing predators where they haven't existed for years it isn't! Still, the project has gained lots of publicity and I'm sure it's done wonders for RSPB membership, and what's a few owls between friends anyway?

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