Sunday, 13 July 2008

Air Arms S410

Today I've been out with a new Air Arms S410 airgun - and what an airgun! I've had very little experience with pre-charged pneumatics, but I was seriously impressed with this one. It's a .22, takes a 10-shot magazine, and the reservoir is a cylinder under the barrel (with a pressure gauge in the fore-end).

I've fitted it with a Nikko Stirling scope, and used one magazine of pellets to zero the combo at 25 yards, then went out after rabbits. Result: five bunnies and a pigeon, all killed stone dead with a single shot each, at 15-35 yards. The pellet below is a Bisley LRG, recovered from the pigeon when I breasted it tonight. It has struck bone and been rather deformed, but you can clearly see the rifling marks.

I'll do a more thorough review of the S410 in due course, but after my first experience with the gun I fear it may be a bit biased!

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