Monday, 28 July 2008

CLA Game Fair '08 - Phew! What a scorcher!

Sporting Shooter had a great three days at the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim - three days of blue skies, scorching temperatures, and a constant throng of readers around the stand keen to meet the team, including Robert Bucknell, Diggory Hadoke, Vicky Payne and Mike Yardley. We sold a shed-load of subscriptions, which will keep the bean-counters happy. And we had a great time.

The CLA have issued a jubilant press release stating: "a record 151, 000 visitors attended over the 3 days an increase of 13,000 over the previous of 138,000. The sun shone, business was buoyant and the atmosphere convivial and happy."

Things became especially convivial and happy after a few beers on the Saturday night, culminating in this classic karaoke performance starring several leading lights in the world of airgunning:

The Sporting Shooter team (& camp followers) were camping behind the stand, enjoying the finest cuisine and luxury sleeping arrangements:

It was good to catch up with many old friends in the trade and the wider sporting fraternity, and there were plenty of interesting new products about, including this lovely new hammer gun from ASI...

...and a new lithium battery from Deben that weighs a fraction of the standard lead-acid type. It's not cheap, but it's going to make lamping a whole lot less tiring!

All in all, a great Game Fair, and a fitting event to mark the 50th anniversary, after the disappointment when last year's event was washed away by freak rain.

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vicky payne said...

Had a great time! Glad I gave the karaoke a miss tho!!!!